Denise Anntoinette

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Public Speaker
The key to making headway in society is seeing and sometime emulating the steps of those who have tried and exceled in it. My mentoring program is a step-by-step guideline to help you attain your goals. I will help you build your brand by overcoming your obstacles and eliminating distractions. Mentorship includes advice, guidance and soul searching sessions, all to achieve your destined goal.
With an aim for inspiring change and inciting innovation. I will be a guide to help      your audience channel their goals in a new direction because I am very devoted to helping people discover their passion in the search of a better and more prosperous life.
Helping people discover their gifts is what I do best. No talent is useful if buried and untapped.  Through a rigorous and inspired 6-week program, I will help identify your gift and uncover your hidden talents.  Yes, you were made to shine.
       ​  About Me
Denise Anntoinette has studied Business Administration with a major in Finance at DeVry University
has had 10 years of experience in coaching the brokenhearted through personal pain. She does this by teaching transitional separation and the process of dealing with it. After uncovering the secret of replacing the question -- “why me” with the thought provoking question -- "why not me.” She reinforces positivity as a necessity to living a happy life free of the blame of depression.

Like many others, she has received her share of failures and disappointments in a stormy and rough life. But through a process of constant restructuring and renewal, she has developed strategic methods to overcome them and now, she is able to really show to others how to surmount life’s challenges by letting go of the past and moving forward into a life of joy and peace.

With a message, so compelling it resonated with youth, she engages a new breed of entrepreneurs who are all about breaking barriers and are willing to change the status quo. Both of her messages namely; ‘Taking the Limits Off” and “Move in the Moment” have been acclaimed heartfelt and has transformed the lives of many.

Moreover, she has successfully worked with many religious leaders to promote areas such as evangelism and church growth. With strong skills in the areas of Hospitality, Customer Service, and Management. She had been appointed to work with corporations like Hyatt, Sheraton, and Allergan to name a few. Denise has successfully launched several businesses by helping people identify their gifts and educating them on techniques on how to turn it into a business.
She believes no problem is too much to overcome and with patience, the right words and guidance, your preferred disposition to life is just a few steps away.